Best Dirt Bike Handlebars

Best Dirt Bike Handlebars: Every dirt biker knows the importance of a well-padded and well-balanced handlebar. The handlebars are an integral part of the bike because they allow the user to exert direct control over the bike. Choosing the right dirt bike handlebars might be difficult due to the abundance of possibilities.

In this post, we examine the best options in detail, taking into account details like construction, form, and utility. Get ready to find the ideal handlebars to improve your off-road experiences.

Renthal Fatbar

When it comes to dirt bike accessories, the Renthal Fatbar is a top pick. These handlebars’ premium aluminum construction ensures they’re both sturdy and easy to transport. To accommodate a wide range of rider preferences, they come in a number of varying bends and rises.

Because of the Fatbar’s crossbar design, motorcyclists can feel more secure on challenging terrains. Due to its ability to dampen vibrations, it is a great choice for extended rides without causing excessive hand fatigue.

ProTaper EVO

Professional cyclists all over the globe prefer ProTaper EVO handlebars due to its superior design and long lifespan. These grips are built to last and weigh next to nothing thanks to a special 7000-series aluminum alloy with a thickness of just 4 millimeters.

The EVO’s tapered shape makes it more adaptable and comfortable to use, and it also dampens vibrations. There are a variety of available bends, allowing riders to select the one that best suits their preferences. The ProTaper EVO handlebars are constructed to last a lifetime and make riding a breeze, no matter the terrain.

Neken SFH

Neken SFH handlebars excel in providing superior control and precision for riders. The SFH (Square Fat Handlebar) is a hybrid handlebar design that improves on the strengths of both a square shape and a tapered outer wall.

These grips are built to last, with aerospace-grade aluminum and precision CNC machining. The SFH is more stable during hard riding thanks to its square shape, which minimizes twisting and bending. The Neken SFH handlebars are aesthetically pleasing and functionally marked with laser etchings for proper positioning.

Pro Taper SE:

The Pro Taper SE handlebars are the ultimate in dirt biker convenience, control, and good looks. These grips are extremely durable since they are made of a special 2000-series T6 aluminum alloy and have a thickness of just 5 millimeters.

The SE grips are made with a special crossbar that can be moved to suit the rider’s needs. The anodized coating improves durability and gives it a sleek, modern look at the same time. The Pro Taper SE handlebars come in a variety of bends to suit different riding preferences.


The TAG T2 handlebars are made specifically for serious off-road racers. These grips are built of aerospace-grade 2014-T6 aluminum alloy for a perfect balance of strength and lightweight design. The TAG T2’s crossbar-less design increases mobility and lessens injury potential in collisions.

The bead-blasted coating provides a firm hold, even in rainy weather. These bars come in a variety of bends and rises so that cyclists can find the perfect combination for their bodies.


Achieving optimum command, comfort, and performance from your dirt bike hinges on your choice of handlebars. Some of the greatest options are the Renthal Fatbar, ProTaper EVO, Neken SFH, Pro Taper SE, and TAG T2 handlebars, all of which have characteristics that will appeal to a wide variety of riders.

These premium handlebars are likely to improve your off-road experiences in whatever way you value most: strength, adaptability, or reduced vibration.

Keep in mind that everyone has their own idea of what makes the finest set of handlebars, so don’t be afraid to experiment until you find what you like. Get geared up, hit the trails, and feel the power of your dirt bike like never before with these grips.

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