Best Dirt Bike Helmets

If you are a rider and you mostly ride on dirt bikes on rugged, mysterious terrains, then having the best safety precautions must be your priority.

Among all these precautions, protecting your head must be the first thing you would be taking care of as it is the most important and significant part of your body. Therefore, you would want to purchase the best dirt bike helmet.

What Are the Best Dirt Bike Helmets?

Everyone wants to go with the best and highly rated product, so below, we have reviewed the best and top-rated dirt bikes helmets to help you find the one for you. So let’s dive in.

1. Razor Full Face Youth Helmet

The quality is equivalent to that of other Razor bike helmets. They might not have as much cushioning or suspension as overwhelming helmets, yet this is more functional; a substantial helmet never wears or a light helmet they like to wear. I think these lightweight helmets are extraordinary for the cash. There is additional cushioning accessible in the container on appearance to add to the helmet if you need it. It is likewise light and accordingly doesn’t weigh intensely on a youngster’s head.

I got it for my son. Fits well with the change. He uses it for his bicycle as it is a genuine bike helmet. Our little girl has somewhat of a significant head for her age, the helmet accommodates her well as well, and she unquestionably has space to develop. Their helmets are substantial, and it was more similar to tooth extraction to get them to wear them. I thought it was a decent trade-off.

For the BMX, these are great helmets. They can even now wear glasses or shades with these helmets. My children are of average stature, and the helmet fits him well overall. It’s only a significant touch on it, yet not a great deal. I am incredibly content with this helmet. Indeed, we requested another for our little girl. It is the lightest full-face helmet I could discover. It’s light, yet not delicate.

These helmets will suit them until the age of 8 to 9 years. What I love about these helmets is that the children wear them. It’s merely a full-face bike helmet. It is knowing this if it’s not too much trouble settling on the correct choice in regards to the security of your youngster. For this application, it’s okay. However, I wouldn’t suggest it for anything quicker or more significant.

This helmet works, and now every child in the local needs a similar helmet. Children love to wear it since its delicate and a lot lighter than their motocross helmets.

My child, as of late, tumbled off his bicycle, and as he was wearing a helmet, he was all the while scratching his lower lip and jawline. We were searching for a hard cap that was cool enough for him to get back on his bicycle. And that helmet did the job.


  • Sturdy full-face helmet
  • Comfortable
  • 17 vents guarantee fresh air
  • Vast eye port
  • Headband with full circumference


  • Lack durability
  • Not fits to everyone

2. XFMT DOT Youth Kids Motocross Offroad Street Dirt Bike Helmet

The Ministry of Transport has affirmed this youth dirt bike helmet; it fits well, has legitimate cushioning, and is generally light. The goggles are truly economical with modest saliva; however, they’re a snap that won’t bring down your helmet. You should determine the size of the gloves as appeared in the depiction.

The fast delivery cut-on style contrasted with all bicycle shop helmets has a twofold can style that my children will battle with. I was stunned that not all young helmets remarkably resemble this XMFT helmet. I will give five stars since I purchased a helmet from a nearby cruiser store for about twofold the cost. This helmet has a basic clasp that children can do all alone.

Since we have trained our multi-year-old little girl to ride soil bicycles, we were inflexible to such an extent that she has a great, excellent hard cap, and this helmet has met and surpassed our desires. The size references recorded are somewhat off, so I will arrange 1 to 2 sizes. Something else, a magnificent item, and an incentive for cash!

It’s an extraordinary item, and it was a decent arrangement. Lamentably my girl needs a little to the medium grown-up helmet. In any case, we generally open that helmet, goggles, and gloves, and they’re all genuinely elevated quality things.

This best dirt bike helmet for the money is great! I was exceptionally dazzled with the nature of these helmets. They look and feel at a lot of better quality. The goggles fit the helmet well, and the gloves additionally seem, by all accounts, to be of acceptable quality.

At the point when I was riding, I was spending $ 300 on earphones, and it’s practically cool. It likewise accompanies a pack. As I said, I will purchase another for my youngest child. I think the representative will be extraordinarily youthful, and I will buy a multiyear old specialist.

It’s a pleasant helmet at the cost. Glasses and gloves are nothing unique; however, they’re a decent thing that accompanies them. This is a proper arrangement of helmet/gloves/goggles for another traveler.


  • Superlight helmet
  • Supercooling because of the aerodynamic system
  • Adjustable
  • Advanced mouth guard


  • Overpriced
  • Delicate helmet

3. ILM off Road Motorcycle Dual Visor Flip Up Helmet

I will utilize it to drive bikes and bikes in the city. I haven’t used it yet. However, I figure it will be all that could be needed. This best dirt bike helmet for the money is durable and stylish. The eyebrow taps and closes nicely with no air spillage.

Not very substantial. Just somewhat noisy with the ventilation openings open on the head of the helmet. At the cost, not a terrible helmet. Fine and all-around ventilated. Lightweight and superb qualities. I ran into it a few times on fallen trees/low branches.

It looks great and is of acceptable quality; the secondary front might be somewhat more or taller, however at long last, it is a decent helmet at the cost, and it looks entirely sturdy. I need to state that when we showed up, it turned out to be evident. This was an extremely decent helmet at the cost. This helmet is modest for trail running. I own plenty of off-road bicycles and so on.

What’s more, this is probably the best helmet I own as well. I requested this from Amazon finally while on an ATV trip, figuring it would be a decent, cheap secondary selling helmet. Same for the entire glass screen. It’s comfortable that looks extraordinary, and I love the bolted jaw bar, which permits me to lift or lower the tight handily.

Satisfied with ILM and enthusiastically suggest it. It ended up being superior to my principal headset. Reduced shades are astonishing. It effectively swings up or down. I purchased a few different helmets.


  • Affordable helmet
  • Striking appearance
  • The helmet is DOT approved
  • Cross Ventilation


  • Quality deceives
  • Straps break easily

4. O’Neal 0200-S15 Unisex-Adult Off Road 2SERIES Helmet

Just if I request a size bigger than the size you generally wear, I wear a size enormous and have a size XL. It’s still somewhat close; however, I get it will blur with the Use, the shading is new and adjusted around the head correctly. Typically an exceptionally enormous and very much structured helmet. Unquestionably fits serenely. I have a size XL, which is a size greater than my head. The cheek straps are tight to the face.

I estimated my head as indicated by the maker, and I more likely than not been in the base XXL, so this is the thing that I got. Tragically it was so close I felt like my ears were torn attempting to wear it and when I felt my head was in a tight clamp. Like others have stated, I request a size bigger than my other helmet and am content with it. The cheek cushioning was tight, however free.

I purchased this for my grandson. We needed to buy a size bigger than what he, for the most part, wears to get a fit. The cheek cushion of the youth dirt bike helmet is exceptionally close, and the head is somewhat free. My son fell on a profound fix of sand and lost it and went down the side and hit her head hard by the roadside. The helmet worked extraordinarily and felt no effect.

I got it as a reinforcement helmet for my double game helmet from O’Neal. My child wore this helmet yesterday when he was on the path with me. It’s fine and light to ride throughout the day. An incredible incentive for cash, and it looks extraordinary for sure. It would have earned 4-5 stars if it had more slender cheeks and was somewhat lighter.


  • Super comfortable
  • Ideal for kids
  • Smooth rubber nose guard
  • Comfortable chin straps


  • Very small indeed
  • Costly helmet

5. LS2 Helmets MX-Off Road Subverter Helmet

The colors are wild, and we suggest the dull blue areas have a lustrous completion, which is incredible for night vision. I chose to give LS2 after a considerable amount of examination and audit: and it satisfies its worth.

Quite a light helmet. The size is small. I have worn giant helmets in each other helmet I have bought before, so I usually purchased an oversized helmet. I could scarcely get it, and veins jumped off of my mind. It additionally didn’t cover my temple. Different commentators have likewise referenced that the base is also near the face.

I like everything about this youth dirt bike helmet; appearance, fit, comfort, lightweight, air course. The size was by the sizing diagram for me. I put a medium in each helmet I have; HJC, Bell, O’Neil, and a couple of different brands.

I state modest on account of the cost; however, nothing else in this top looks modest. Besides, the wind current is astounding! A great inclination. We’ll see what indoor solidness is after some time; however, for $ 200, if it keeps going a year or two, I’d consider it a hit.

The helmet is light and comfortable—my new most loved summer helmet. I strongly suggest you sweat a ton like me. Great helmet, precisely what I was searching for. I prescribe this helmet on hot to hot days. After a couple of efforts, I will purchase ordinary brands and bring the brand back. I can likewise disclose to you that the chain watch is near different brands. On a side note, the earphones give off an impression of being acceptable quality for the cash.

My first buy was an XL, and I could scarcely get it in my mind. So I figured I’d increase the volume and check whether that fixes the issue. XXL is coming, adjusts better to the helmet part; however, the cheek cushions are still excessively close.

This youth dirt bike helmet has excellent ventilation, which has a ton of wind current in your mind. I won’t use it during the winter. It works extraordinary with neck support. If you need a quality helmet without a top-notch sticker price, get an LS2 sub-connector.

This youth dirt bike helmet looks stunning and feels much improved, the cushioning is extraordinary, the snappy delivery cheek cushions work incredible, and it’s a pleasant element, trust you never required it.


  • Elegant helmet
  • Durable
  • Easy to move helmet
  • Vast eye port
  • Dot approved


  • More showy
  • Size is small

Final Verdict:

These best dirt bike helmet reviews will help you decide to choose the best one. It is time to end this article. We hope that you have learned a lot about what features a biking helmet must have and will choose the right helmet for yourself. Protection and safety are always necessary!

Buying Guide

Top features of the best dirt bike helmet for the money!

So, to aid you in your search for the best dirt bike helmet, we have written this buying guide after going through numerous best dirt bike helmet reviews. This buying guide will contain all the essential features of the best dirt bike helmet. The following are those features:

The quality of the shell:

It is the central feature of the best youth dirt bike helmet because the shell is the part of the helmet, which will make the first contact with the ground during a crash. Hence, it should be made up of high-quality and should be tough enough to protect your skull and light adequately to be worn on your head.

Fit to your head:

When you are going to the bike shop to purchase the best dirt bike helmet, you should only buy that helmet, which is a proper fit on your head. It is neither too tight nor too loose. If the helmet is not of perfect size, it might cause you more injuries rather than protecting your head.

Absorption of impact:

The best dirt bike helmet for the money is made up of those materials and systems which will absorb all rotational forces and impact. A lot of different high-tech materials may be used in the construction of helmets so that it completely absorbs most of the effect and keep you and your head protected.


We know that you want to protect your head, but by doing so, you do not want to suffocate yourself to death. Moreover, the use of dirt bikes in high-intensity physical sports such as motocross and trail riding will make you sweaty and breathless. Therefore, according to the best dirt bike helmet reviews, the best dirt bike helmet must have adequate ventilation to allow the biker free breathing.

The Design:

This is an essential factor if you are the kind of person who is keen to have helmets with the most beautiful aesthetics and colors. Furthermore, quality helmets with stunning designs make such a sweet combo for any biker to own. Moreover, these stylish helmets may even encourage your confidence!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What is the best dirt bike helmet?

A. There are a lot of brands that claim to be the best, but in our opinion, 66D ATR-2 Dirt Bike Helmets are the best helmets right now in the market.

Q. How much is a dirt bike helmet cost?

A. The price of a helmet may vary from brand to brands and as well due to features and materials. It is better to decide on a range and features you wish to have and then buy a helmet accordingly.

Q. How do you find the perfect dirt bike helmet fit?

A. A perfect size bike helmet should be tight from the head, but it should be a finger or two spaces from the forehead so it may not be too close. Also, there should be space between both sides of the chicks for riding bikes comfortably.

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